Check out the new social media platform on Trend & Guess who is the CEO

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In an interview by Laurie Segall with twitter co-founder Ev Williams on his new social network platform. Williams highlights on the role communication have played in connecting people all around the word but express dissatisfaction on the fact that the connections and communication have not actually translated into a much expected iconic society.

 "We are more connected, but are we smarter? And are we wiser? And are good ideas always flourishing?" he asks. "That's harder when there's so much information."
According to Williams this is what prompted him to design "Medium" a communication platform where people can share ideas and users are  being restricted to only one layout and font which helps to put the focus on ideas and content.
Furthermore, he states that 'Medium allows you to concentrate on topics that interest you most and also to follow some interesting tags recommended by your friends.Medium has about 85 employees and some big names in the social media platform like Google & The Gates Foundation have started using the platform to promote their services.

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