New WhatsApp Feature: It’s now impossible to ignore group chats on WhatsApp

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Going by the recent trend on WhatsApp application; We all know how boring getting added to a group chat on WhatsApp fills seems to be; most of us with dread at the thought of endless notifications.

But somehow, it was easy to ignore them by setting them to mute while everyone else sent one sentence in 14 messages.

But based on the new update feature trending on the whatsApp application, a sneaky little update has just made it virtually impossible to avoid those chats - meaning the app is about to become the bane of your life.

A new tagging feature has been introduced that works in a similar fashion to Twitter.

Notifications: Tagging will make it basically impossible to ignore group chats (Pic: anacom)
Anyone who is a member of the group conversation can now add an ‘@‘ symbol at the start of a message, bringing up a list of contacts.

Once tagged, you’re included along with multiple people in the messages - and those notifications will start pouring in.
So anyone tagging your name can now include you in a conversation which you have no interest in whatsoever just like Facebook.

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